Cloch na Rón, Connemara, Ireland

Cloch na Rón, Connemara, Ireland

This village is Roundstone in English, but the Irish name is Cloch na Rón, Seal Rock. It reminded me of the village in my novel, Selkie’s Song, Ballinacurragh. My setting is North Clare, but these coastal villages have a customary appearance. Seals are a frequent sight and the vulnerable shores and strands are in more jeopardy than ever.
Muireann O’Malley, the heroine in my story, is a feisty environmentalist with a deep love of her country and culture.
One might say the story is “ripped from the headlines” of Ireland today. Salmon farms, off shore oil drilling and industrial fisheries do threaten the ecosystems of this beautiful and fragile land.
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The third book in the Fadó Trilogy is coming soon!

The third book in the Fadó Trilogy is coming soon!

Selkie’s Song