Ceol agus Craic.

IMG_4849What does that mean, anyway?

If you come to Ireland you’re going to get some…whether you like it or not.

Ceol is the music. In this case traditional Irish music. You can get it in a kitchen over tea and biscuits or in a pub with a pint. Often you get it on the street for a coin tossed in a fiddle case or simply for a smile. It is everywhere, like the sound of the sea birds, the wind that messes your hair and, on this island, the lilt of the spoken Irish language.

Craic? Oh, that’s another thing altogether. Hard to describe “craic” unless you are part of it. It almost always goes along with ceol and often with a pint of stout, although the new Irish consciousness about healthy living has slowed the pints a bit. A glass of fizzy water or a soft drink is just as useful when quenching the thirst brought on by enough craic.

Craic, simply put, is Irish fun. It isn’t a lonely pursuit. It takes people of a like sense of humor. Last night at one of the two pubs on our little island, the  craic was “up to ninety” and included plenty of music and dancing…at one point the dancing happened on a table top. Think Riverdance, Aran Island style!

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I guarantee a bit of ceol agus craic!