Got a cowboy whose story is waiting to be told?

The Wild Rose Press is seeking submissions

Call for Submissions in Cactus Rose

Posted by: “rpenders”  rpenders

Tue May 22, 2012 12:29 pm (PDT)

Feel free to share with your writing loops, etc.

Lawmen & Outlaws Series

Got a hankerin’ for bad boys and badges? So do we!

Saddle up and send us your bad boys ready to be reformed by love. Or your lawmen who long for the love of a good woman. (We like female outlaws and heroines who uphold the law, too!) Characters should be heroic at heart, and people we wish we knew in real life. Throw in lots of conflict, smoldering sexual tension, an historically accurate western setting, and a happily ever after ending, and you’ve got the kind of story we `d love to read!

Outlaw characters must be worthy of being a TWRP hero, no cold-blooded murderers or rapists, please. Lawmen should be devoted to upholding the law even at great personal sacrifice. Setting can be anywhere west of the Mississippi in the 1800s. Length 7,500 to 25k. Heat rating can range from sweet to hot.

Send your queries or questions, subject line Lawmen and Outlaws Series.

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