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Stay tuned for my book tour featuring my latest release, Hot Flash

A writer’s day

Boats in Portmagee harbor, Portmagee, Co. Kerry, Ireland

I’ve been “mind surfing” lately. My muse can’t settle on a story. I’ve two books half written and keep going back and forth from one to the other. Today I had a plan…but mid-cappucino my plan changed. I’m working on a romantic comedy titled Rosy Again. It’s fun…as a comedy certainly should be! So, if you like Irish stories, tales of the sea, quirky and free spirited characters and a twist of an ending…keep watching here for my progress on Rosy Again.

Irish music in the heart of the Rocky Mountains

Cara consists of some of the best musicians and vocalists I’ve ever heard and they are here in Colorado for a brief time. Last night they were brilliant at Avogadro’s Number in Fort Collins and this Thursday they will rock the foundations of Waterloo in Louisville, near Boulder. Go to the band website for more information.

What’s being said about Hot Flash

“Sexy but sensitive, powerful but poignant–HOT FLASH is not your daughter’s romance! This is a story for real women. Savor every word!”
~Award-Winning Author, Deb Stover

Author of Angel’s Share interviewed

Clare Austin chats about her book Angel’s Share

Never underestimate the price of fame.

All the pretty horses!

Every girls needs a pony of her own!


Here's looking at you!

Where would you like to fall in love?

What is your favorite place on earth? Mine is Ireland. It’s hard not to fall in love in the “land of saints and scholars.”
The book I’m working on right now takes place in County Clare…think cliffs, the sound of crashing sea, blue sky and green fields.

So many books…so little time

Between writing them and reading them…what’s a woman to do? Right now I’m reading Echo in the Bone by Gabaldon.

Hot Flash is Hot Now!

Hot Flash is the new novel from Clare Austin:

It’s not true that a woman over 40 has more chance of being kidnapped by terrorists than to find a hot guy.

New to blogging

I’m unsure of how this works but here I am.